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Ms. Gulling represents clients in a variety of adoption proceedings, including second-parent adoptions, readoptions, surrogacy adoptions, foster care adoptions, private agency adoptions, and step-parent adoptions in both Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Ms. Gulling is often asked to speak at conferences and events on issues relating to adoption, and is experienced in all parts of the adoption process from pre-adoption planning and counseling to finalization, and has successfully represented clients with regard to the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC).

Assisted Reproduction Law

Ms. Gulling represents donors, surrogates, carriers and intended parent(s) in matters involving assisted reproduction, including donor, gestational carrier, and traditional surrogacy agreements.  She has experience drafting, reviewing, updating, and negotiating agreements, as well as counseling clients on the legal aspects of various assisted reproduction arrangements.  Ms. Gulling has worked on a variety of types of assisted reproduction matters, including cross-border arrangements, situations involving known donors, and many other aspects of this area of law. 

Estate Planning & Same-Sex Couple and Family Planning

Ms. Gulling provides estate planning services for individuals, couples, and families.  Ms. Gulling will work with you to create a personalized solution that will help you address future financial and personal issues.  Ms. Gulling’s estate planning services include simple and complex wills, life insurance trusts, living wills, health care directives, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and powers of attorney. Ms. Gulling has a strong understanding of the the various laws that impact same-sex relationships and planning needs specific to LGBT couples and families. She will work with you to protect your family and create legally recognizable relationships.

Mediation & Collaborative Dissolution

Ms. Gulling is trained in and has been asked to educate other attorneys about mediation. She provides mediation services relating primarily to family law issues. Ms. Gulling also represents clients in collaborative dissolutions.  Collaborative divorce/dissolution is a way of resolving the issues relating to a break-up in a positive and cooperative manner, with the goal of minimizing the contentiousness and trauma to the family that often accompanies traditional divorce/dissolution. Ms. Gulling has received intensive training in the collaborative process and is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  Ms. Gulling believes that for many couples, it is in the best interest of all involved to engage in a collaborative rather than adversarial process, and she can help you navigate that process.

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